About Brain Work Centers


At Brain Work Centers, we focus on one thing. The overall health of your brain, through neurofeedback.

Come in for an initial consultation to see if you are a candidate for neurofeedback.  This will include a map of your brain known as a Quantitative EEG and a review of findings to see if you could be helped through neurofeedback training.

Neurofeedback helps with many brain and emotional dysregulation. Visit the tab “Who We Help” to see what it is like to have your brain’s root cause dysregulation retrained.  Many have been able to stop taking medications to cover symptoms of these dysregulations and found new freedom for their lives

Brenda Rhoades

Brenda Rhoades, Owner and operator of Brain Work Centers

With a history in Nursing and Small Business ownership, Brenda offers a wealth of experience caring for people. As mother and wife who chose to homeschool both of her children , she sees the needs of people on many levels. Now by offering neurofeedback services to help her community, she helps people thrive in these uncertain times.

Education and Background

Brenda graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in Business management. After starting her own small business in the field of cosmotology she continued her hearts desire, caring for people, and pursued nursing. Short Stay Surgery in Lubbock as a Registered Nurse expanded her vision and her understanding for the need for preventative education and care. Now with a focus toward helping people achieve and maintain optimal levels of mental health, she is offering Neurofeedback to the public.

Brain Work Centers’ procedures have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Neurofeedback used by Brain Work Centers is intended for training and teaching self-regulation, stress reduction, relaxation, focus and attention, and general wellness promotion.  We do not medically diagnose or treat.