QEEG Brain Mapping

Discover how well your brain is performing with a qEEG (quantitative electroencephalogram), also known in popular terms as a “brain map”.

Many people are familiar with how an EKG, Electrocardiogram, works for measuring if their heart is working properly. A qEEG works in a similar manner. However, qEEG measures your brain performance. Sensors are positioned across all areas of your brain and readings of your brain signals are taken in real-time. A qEEG Brain Map provides a snapshot of your brain functioning pattern. 

We can determine how your brain performance is affecting your mental and physical behaviors. Your brain map shows if your brain is causing ADHD, anxiety, sensory processing issues, concussion, memory loss, and more. If all areas of your brain are working well, you do not have any symptoms. If any area is under or over performing, symptoms arise.

The qEEG provides a road map for customizing the best neurofeedback training program to show what you need for a better way of life. You can discover how your brain can perform better so you feel and perform better.

QEEG Brain Map Before Neurofeedback Training

Brain Map AFTER Neurofeedback Training

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