Neurofeedback can help with

Sleep issues

Neurofeedback can have a profound and positive effect on sleep problems. By retraining the brain and improving the way it responds, new neural pathways are created, helping the affected individual to sleep better.

Sleep is vital to the health of our bodies. Insomnia can disrupt a person’s daily life. Some side effects of dysregulated sleep include irritability, exhaustion, and difficulty staying focused. Sleeplessness and insomnia can flare up due to stress, anxiety, trauma, and habitual over-thinking. All of these can drive abnormal brainwave function.

Studies have shown that neurofeedback is an effective approach to sleep problems without the use of drugs. Neurofeedback can make a positive impact on your ability to get a good night’s sleep. This therapy helps to identify the brainwave imbalance that may be contributing to your inability to sleep. By retraining the brain and improving brainwave function in the areas affected by poor sleep, healthier patterns are created. As the brain learns new responses, new patterns and pathways develop, improving brainwave function as you begin to sleep better, longer.

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