Neurofeedback Therapy Helps

Anxiousness & Negative Mood

We all feel anxious at times, but when a person’s brain is in a constant place of anxiousness, their brainwaves become abnormal, and their body reaches a state of heightened overstimulation. Neurofeedback is known to retrain these unhealthy frequencies and can produce long-term positive results that medication cannot match.

If you have ever been depressed, you know the feeling is as much physical as it is mental. The inability to get out of bed, the desire to isolate yourself from family and friends, the difficulty finding the energy to accomplish daily tasks can be debilitating.
Like many mental challenges, depression is a brain-based disorder.  Commonly, depression can be found in an imbalance between the left and right frontal lobe activity. By adjusting through neurofeedback to promote balance between the lobes of the brain, you can experience relief of the symptoms of depression, letting you take back control of your life!

Did you know that one in five Americans are impacted by a mental illness at some point in their life? High anxiety and low moods are among the most common challenges people experience in this country.

Medications aren’t actually correcting the problem, they only treat the symptoms.

Disrupting anxiousness and repeated worrisome thoughts, are struggles that we see every day. A person’s ability to regulate anxiety and worry less relies heavily on brain maturity and connectivity. Neurofeedback is designed to focus on building brain connectivity and improving the foundation of development, rather than implementing coping strategies for life to stay calm and worry less.

If you or someone you know experiences regular anxiety or has difficulty maintaining health promoting moods, let’s talk about how our program can bring relief. Call us today!

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