Neurofeedback Therapy Helps

Symptoms of ADD/ADHD

ADD and ADHD not only affects children, but it also can persist further into adulthood.
Symptoms such as inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity often remain and have a huge impact on various aspects of adult life. ADD and ADHD may affect a person’s ability to focus in school, complete higher-education training, and may be a factor in changing jobs frequently, intense but short relationships and can lead to symptoms of depression and addiction.

Are you looking for ways to help a child or an adult focus and bring out their true potential?

Brain Work Centers use neurofeedback to help return a sense of balance, clarity, and peace in your life. The purpose of this program is to engage the brain and body in such a way to help improve the way the brain functions, which has been shown to lead to improvements in how we feel and function in our daily lives.

When someone with ADD/ADHD symptoms participates in the Neurofeedback process, the ultimate goal is to retrain and reorganize unhealthy brainwave patterns. As a result, the brain self adjusts, becoming more stable, efficient, and capable of operating optimally. All with a safe, effective, drug-free method to regulate and help find a calm focus.

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