“Though somewhat skeptical at first, I have been amazed at the results I’ve seen in my own life are as well as in the lives of other Brain Work Center clients I know.  In my own experience, neurofeedback has helped improve my ability to focus and restored a sense of calm in the midst of life-changing medical issues.  Brenda Rhoades is the perfect guide for the journey.  She is a consummate professional — knowledgeable, diligent, compassionate. In the initial mapping of the brain, Brenda works hard to ensure her clients understand their results and how those results impact their daily lives.  In training sessions, she works with her clients to target the improvements they most want to achieve.  I highly recommend Brenda Rhoades and Brain Work Centers.”

“I have a “type A” personality.  Before I experienced neurofeedback, I carried a high emotional stress load.  I was driven too much by anxiety and fear of failure.  I was hard on myself and others when success at problem-solving was in doubt.  My self-esteem was low, and my relationships with others tended to be insecure.  Neurofeedback and the compassionate atmosphere at Brain Work Centers reduced my emotional stress level, which helped me to sleep better and have greater peace with myself and others.  The benefits of neurofeedback have been important in my marriage, my parenting, my friendships, and my profession.” 

“I was diagnosed with severe depression and panic disorder and suffered terribly for years.  My psychiatrists put me on every imaginable medication and none of them did me much good.  The side effects of the Lexapro were especially rough for me and I wanted a more natural way to “heal.”  I read about neurofeedback and decided to give it a shot.  I’m so glad I did.  After about 6 months of treatment, I found I was able to completely get off my depression medications and live a more normal life.  

I highly recommend the neurofeedback offered by Brenda Rhoades at Brain Work Centers.  Get your mind mapped and get a closer look at what is going on in that cool brain of yours.  

You won’t find a cooler, smarter, or more caring practitioner.  Lubbock is lucky to have her and Brain Work in town!”

“Brenda Rhoades and Brain Work Centers literally saved my life. After both parents passing within a year of each other and a bad reaction to an antibiotic and anti-anxiety medicine, I found myself physically and mentally at rock bottom. The stress of it all caused massive weight loss, insomnia, and many other physical and mental challenges. Before coming to see Brenda, I had spent tens of thousands of dollars on treatments locally and out-of-state with no real resolution. 

From day one, Brenda was an incredible cheerleader and advocate to seeing my health and happiness return. Neurofeedback was a gamechanger that got me out of the pit of despair. It was the only treatment where I could see instant feedback and improvements right on the screen after each session. With Brenda’s incredible expertise and knowledge, I was able to get off of the anxiety medicine that was slowly killing me. I am so, so thankful for Brenda and Brain Work Centers for giving me my life back!”

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