Neurofeedback can help with


Your addiction might feel like it is running your life, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Neurofeedback can help you get back on track. You can conquer your addictions and be free to reach your full potential.

Your brain is the computer that runs your mind and body. If it is working well, you work well. Brain functioning is at the heart of addictions. Brain performance can be improved through neurofeedback therapy.

Addictions are caused by brain patterns that can make it impossible to not think of the desired activity or thing. The brain is looking for something to make it feel better because it has a dysfunctional pattern. When it gets its reward, the addictive behavior, whether that be alcohol, drugs, sugar, or something else, the brain gets a release of the pleasure neurotransmitters, making it feel better again. Unfortunately, as anyone with an addiction knows, you need more and more of that thing to get the same type of feeling overtime, making your addiction grow stronger as you engage in it.

Neurofeedback can help break those addictions in your life. By evaluating the brain patterns that cause the addiction, a specific plan of action can be put in place to improve the brain pattern, improving the behaviors and habits to rid the addictive behavior permanently.

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