Neurofeedback is great for

Brain Injuries & Concussions

Neurofeedback is an effective option for traumatic brain injuries because it focuses on the specific area of the brain that is damaged.

Our brains are responsible for how we think, how we feel, the ways in which we move, and even how we act. Experiencing a traumatic brain injury can be devastating. The effects of brain damage can impact the aspects of your daily life. Between constant headaches, a decline in cognitive function, mood swings, and blurred vision, there are many obstacles caused by brain injuries that must be faced every day. Neurofeedback might be a great option on your road to recovery.

Neurofeedback is an effective tool for brain injuries because it targets the specific area of the brain that is damaged. Completing a qEEG brain map helps identify the injured areas, and then reduce deregulation through a personalized treatment plan.

The best part about neurofeedback is that there are no side effects. Rather than masking the symptoms; you’re identifying the source of the problem so you can achieve long-lasting relief.

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