What to Expect

STEP ONE: Assessment

We start with an assessment to gain a better understanding of how your brain is performing and adapting to issues like lack of focus, sleep issues, stress, and more.

We analyze the information your brain gives us to develop a personalized brain training program.

What Happens During a Neurofeedback Session?

Neurofeedback Therapy capitalizes on Neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to heal itself through this learning process. The brain receives a reward in the form of auditory and visual feedback when it has proper brain signal use. Louder sound is the auditory feedback. At the same time, a brightening of the computer screen visually gives feedback to the person. If the person’s brain does not use the new better brain pattern, the audio decreases and the screen becomes dim. This is the lack of a reward. When the brain is using the new, better pattern the screen plays brighter and audio louder. In this way, the brain learns to improve its performance by working for the rewards and avoid the negative feedback.

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